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Programmes for each group focus on preparing the child for the next level and the current need before entering the real school world.

A Montessori education is unique in its profound respect for a child’s sincere desire and ability to learn, and in its recognition of his need for independence. A balanced attention to intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual development is regarded as fundamental to their progress and enjoyment in learning.

The unique in Bright Hill Islamic Montessori where we offers swimming lessons for all children.


A popular pragramme which helps parent who working which not only having academic programme and also supportive home life.

Fullday Programme provides a safe early learning program for 3-6 years old in Bright Hill. Highly trained teachers prepare children for kindergarten with a proven, quality program.


The preschool has a half-day programme which runs from 8 am to 12 pm. The beautiful red and white preschool building has been specially designed to meet the needs of your little one. Everything in the centre has been scaled down to the child’s dimensions.


The extra-curricular activities have shown exceptional changes in a child's growth. From the skills of socialization to teamwork to stress management to health benefits, students only get better with these activities.

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We offer programs for Toddlers, Preschoolers and School age children. We offer services for full-time and part-time to meet the needs of working parents.

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