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Taman Scientex

Seri Alam

Bandar Dato Onn

The pre-school in Johor are some of the most well-designed, spacious and lovely centres. With play areas, art ateliers, swimming pool, computer room and prepared classrooms, preschoolers will be in for the best possible start to their learning journey


What Do Our Parents Think?

Why choose Bright Hill Islamic Montessori School? Find out about what our parents present and past have to say about us

We are highly satisfied with the choice of school that we made for our son. Bright Hill Preschool is a trerrific place with talented teacher! From the first day our son is eager to see his friends and teachers. He shares a lot about his day at school, and it's easy to tell that he enjoys that experience. We are thankful to you for taking a great care of our kids and having a warm attitude towards them.

Aina Sofia binti Rahman

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